How to become a Non-Executive Director Course

March 28, 2012 at 9:00 AM – 04:30 PM

UWE Exhibition and Conference Centre
University of the West of England
Frenchay Campus
Coldharbour Lane
BS34 8QZl
Following unprecedented interest in the “Becoming a NED” series, Executive Transitions have developed a course in Non-Executive Directorship, which launches on the 18th April at the University of the West of England.
In association with Bristol Business School, the course is the first of its kind in that it blends corporate governance for large and small companies with insights and strategies that inform best practice in the role itself.
Importantly, the course also covers how to build a career as a NED.
Working with partners across law, accounting, education and directorship, Executive Transitions have developed a course that gives the right mix of experience and academic rigour to equip aspiring and serving NEDs to address the market and improve effectiveness within it.
The course is delivered by David Doughty, a Chartered Director and highly experienced NED, Chief Executive, Chair, Entrepreneur and Business Mentor. David has extensive executive and non-executive experience in small and medium enterprises in private and public sectors. He is also a board level consultant to multi-national organisations.
Highlights include:
  •  Leadership and ethics
  •  Finance
  •  NED Careers
  •  NED Perspectives
  •  NED Profiles
  •  Current Market and sectors
  •  Governance Obligations
  •  Function and Voice of the NED
Attendees also have a free place on the NED Careers Event on Thursday 23rd May worth £99.
This event covers a spectrum of career development strategies, and finishes with access to currently vacant NED positions.
The course not only provides robust and diverse information from experienced sources, it gives in-depth information and strategic guidance in career building and capturing opportunity.
The course is a full day and costs £450.
Book before 14th March for an early bird price of £395!
For more information or to book your place, please contact Ed Lobbett

Published by David Doughty

Serial entrepreneur, Software sales and marketing specialist, Chartered Director, Chief Executive, Chair, Non-executive roles in private and public sector, Business consultant and mentor.

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