Comply or explain – explanations found wanting

ABI highlights investor expectations for corporate governance explanations The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has published a report following its review of the explanations made by 128 companies that had departed from the UK Corporate Governance Code. It found that many of the disclosures failed to meet investors’ needs. The report identifies six criteria toContinue reading “Comply or explain – explanations found wanting”

Companies of all sizes could benefit from Corporate Governance and Stewardship Codes

FRC reports positive uptake of UK Corporate Governance and Stewardship Codes in 2012 The Stewardship Code has been a catalyst for greater engagement between companies and their shareholders in 2012. Introduced in 2010, there are now over 250 signatories to the Code, including most major institutional investors. This is one of the conclusions in theContinue reading “Companies of all sizes could benefit from Corporate Governance and Stewardship Codes”

Britain’s most widely used antibiotic “useless” researchers argue

A study carried out by researchers at the University of Southampton has concluded that amoxicillin, Britain’s most widely used antibiotic, is “useless” for the majority of people who are currently prescribed it for coughs and common chest infections. Paul Little, Professor of Primary Care Research at the University of Southampton said that patients should insteadContinue reading “Britain’s most widely used antibiotic “useless” researchers argue”

How to become an effective Executive Director – Oxford 11 January 2013

The effective Executive Director course helps you to be a more effective member of the board. The step-up from senior management to a board role requires a new skill-set and a different way of looking at things. As an Executive Director you are not only responsible for your functional role but now have collective responsibility for the strategicContinue reading “How to become an effective Executive Director – Oxford 11 January 2013”

Revised NAPF Corporate Governance Policy and Voting Guidelines

Revised guidance for shareholders sets out what is expected from boards in key areas The National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) has published updates to its Corporate Governance Policy and Voting Guidelines, issued to help shareholders assess how the listed companies in which they invest comply with the UK Corporate Governance Code. The revised GuidelinesContinue reading “Revised NAPF Corporate Governance Policy and Voting Guidelines”

Why Corporate Governance Isn’t Working

Director development expert calls for ‘new leadership’ at global convention. Corporate governance has not delivered according to Colin Coulson-Thomas speaking at a global convention at London’s Lords Cricket Ground. The author of Developing Directors claimed that to move on from avoiding risks to sustainable business growth we need to embrace ‘new governance’ which business leaders should want because of the clearly beneficial resultsContinue reading “Why Corporate Governance Isn’t Working”