Goldman Sachs, Greek Debt and Greed

Goldman Sachs’ advice to Greece to enter into an exchange rate swap deal in 2001 proved not only to be costly at the time but had almost doubled the original debt by 2005

Kids Company, Corporate Governance and Conflicts of Interest

The role of Chairman is often misunderstood, particularly by those occupying the position but it is during a crisis that they should really come to the fore, becoming the public face of the organisation and taking the heat off the Chief Executive, to allow them to focus on running the business.

Why did George Osborne sack FCA CEO Martin Wheatley?

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) CEO Martin Wheatley was sacked by George Osborne despite, in Osborne’s own words, having “done a brilliant job of launching the FCA in tough circumstances”.

So the question is – was he sacked because he wasn’t being tough enough with Bankers and others in the City or because he was being too tough?