“Where is the value you are adding to your business?”

Having started and run your own business, how can you walk away from it with a spring in your step, money in your pocket and a clear conscience?

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In this thought provoking seminar, David Doughty will ask the following questions and provide practical insights from a lifetime of starting, growing and exiting his own businesses and advising other owner directors on their exit strategies:

  • Where is the value you are adding to your business and how do you get it out?
  • When is the best time to plan your exit?
  • What do you need to do to make your business exit ready?
  • How much is your business actually worth – with you and without you?

As with many things in life that are put off to the last minute, such as writing a will, taking out a pension, or thinking about retirement, planning your business exit is usually not something that people think about when starting a business.

Find out what you should be doing now to secure both your financial security and the continuation of the business you have put so much time and energy into growing by attending this seminar.

Business Network SW Logo14 October 2015 – Old Down Manor , Bristol 10:00am – 02:00pm

Call 01981 540708 For your invitation

Published by David Doughty

Serial entrepreneur, Software sales and marketing specialist, Chartered Director, Chief Executive, Chair, Non-executive roles in private and public sector, Business consultant and mentor.

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