Machine Learning and Financial Services

AI & MACHINE LEARNING   Smarter Humans, Smarter Machines was the core theme of our closed-door #RefinitivSocial100 UK roundtable held in September 2019, with 10 of the UK and Europe’s most influential thinkers and thought-leaders on social media in the world of FinTech. Banks have been saying for a very long time that the data theyContinue reading “Machine Learning and Financial Services”

Risk management is no longer just about financial risks

Risk in business is inevitable – in fact it is essential. A business which does not take commercial risks will not grow, and a business which does not grow is doomed to decline. Yet, by and large, people in business, as in life, are risk averse, seeking where possible to follow the path which providesContinue reading “Risk management is no longer just about financial risks”