Where are all the well-paid, private sector, NED jobs?

One of our NEDworks subscribers recently sent us an e-mail asking where all the well-paid, private sector NED roles are? There were just three December private sector vacancies .. Is that all the vacancies from across the whole country? Am I missing something here? If it is, what are you doing to improve this position as itContinue reading “Where are all the well-paid, private sector, NED jobs?”

What’s the risk? An inconvenient necessity or a source of competitive advantage?

Neil Woodford – cautious, conservative, contrarian, high-risk? These words could all have been used to describe Woodford’s investment strategy at various times during his slow rise and sudden downfall – and they all give an indication of the degree of risk he was taking with his clients’ money. It is well established in the investmentContinue reading “What’s the risk? An inconvenient necessity or a source of competitive advantage?”

What are the implications of the #FinTech war for talent?

FinTech – the application of cutting edge technology in the Financial Services Industry, in particular the use of Artificial Intelligence, is pitching global corporations against startups in a war for talent in pursuit of the scarce digital transformation and AI skills. Thought leaders from the #RefinitivSocial100 recently discussed the skills challenges surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and innovationContinue reading “What are the implications of the #FinTech war for talent?”

But what exactly is an “executive”​ Chairman?

Congratulations to Sharon White on her appointment as the John Lewis Partnership’s executive Chairman to take up the role when Sir Charlie Mayfield steps down in early 2020. Refreshingly, Sharon’s exclusively public sector experience was no barrier to her appointment – my experience working with boards in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors is thatContinue reading “But what exactly is an “executive”​ Chairman?”

Machine Learning and Financial Services

AI & MACHINE LEARNING   Smarter Humans, Smarter Machines was the core theme of our closed-door #RefinitivSocial100 UK roundtable held in September 2019, with 10 of the UK and Europe’s most influential thinkers and thought-leaders on social media in the world of FinTech. Banks have been saying for a very long time that the data theyContinue reading “Machine Learning and Financial Services”

Risk management is no longer just about financial risks

Risk in business is inevitable – in fact it is essential. A business which does not take commercial risks will not grow, and a business which does not grow is doomed to decline. Yet, by and large, people in business, as in life, are risk averse, seeking where possible to follow the path which providesContinue reading “Risk management is no longer just about financial risks”

It’s an ill wind that blows no good for the EU

  There’s an old Chinese saying that “when the wind of change blows, some build walls whilst others build windmills” – well there’s little evidence of either in the corridors of power in the EU according to Udo Baader, founder and head of German bank, Baader Bank, speaking at the Zagreb Stock Exchange Conference inContinue reading “It’s an ill wind that blows no good for the EU”

UK Corporate Governance Code 2018

A new version of the UK Corporate Governance Code was published in July 2018 and takes effect from 1 January 2019. Of the 2,600 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, only 1,200 are listed on the Main Market and of those around 850 have a Premium Listing and are therefore required to report onContinue reading “UK Corporate Governance Code 2018”

How to become a Non-Executive Director – London 23 October 2018

Find out how you can obtain a Non-Executive Director position by booking a place on this interactive 1-day course. “A well structured and presented introduction to the responsibilities, challenges and attributes required of being a NED. It was thought-provoking. I have referred back to my copious comments in the comprehensive slide hand outs many timesContinue reading “How to become a Non-Executive Director – London 23 October 2018”

How to become a Non-Executive Director – Birmingham 26 June 2018

The How to become a Non-Executive Director course helps you to plan and prepare for your first NED position. It instils a real sense of what is expected of NEDs, and how you can meet the challenge.

This one-day interactive course is aimed at aspiring NEDs and covers essential knowledge about roles, responsibilities, strategy and corporate governance that are key foundations for a Non-Executive board role. It also considers up to date thinking on corporate governance and the responsibilities of owners, the board and employees.

This is followed by practical sessions on identifying NED opportunities, the process of obtaining a first appointment and performing due diligence before any position is accepted. There is emphasis on the importance of presenting your experiences with clarity and relevance.

This course identifies the various ways and circumstances in which non-executive directors can make an effective contribution to a board’s work. It also examines methods for their selection and reviews their motivation, induction and reward.