Practical steps to improve board diversity

Many boards in the private, public and voluntary sectors realise that they need to improve the diversity of their board members, whether it be ethnic, gender, restricted ability, age or socio-economic background, but find it hard to know where to start.

What makes a good NHS Non-Executive Director?

The Francis and Keogh reports highlight the need for good governance and effective Non-Executive Directors in the NHS First the Francis report and now the Review into the quality of care and treatment provided by 14 hospital trusts in England by Professor Sir Bruce Keogh have highlighted the crucial role played by Non-executive directors inContinue reading “What makes a good NHS Non-Executive Director?”

The Effective NHS Non-Executive Director – Oxford 16 July 2013

The effective NHS Non-Executive Director is an interactive one-day course specifically designed for aspiring, newly appointed and serving Non-Executive Directors of NHS Trusts and NHS provider organisations including Social Enterprises The course provides an essential grounding in corporate governance in the context of the NHS and wider healthcare provision during a period of great change. InContinue reading “The Effective NHS Non-Executive Director – Oxford 16 July 2013”

Britain’s most widely used antibiotic “useless” researchers argue

A study carried out by researchers at the University of Southampton has concluded that amoxicillin, Britain’s most widely used antibiotic, is “useless” for the majority of people who are currently prescribed it for coughs and common chest infections. Paul Little, Professor of Primary Care Research at the University of Southampton said that patients should insteadContinue reading “Britain’s most widely used antibiotic “useless” researchers argue”

Where to find NHS Non-Executive Director vacancies

The Appointments Commission is due to close on 31 October 2012 Here is where you will be able to find details of public appointment vacancies in future. From Monday 3 September 2012, Non-Executive Director and other appointment vacancies within local NHS trusts and charities will be advertised on the NHS Trust Development Authority (TDA) website. ThereContinue reading “Where to find NHS Non-Executive Director vacancies”

Private hospitals are no place for people with learning disabilities

22 June 2011 Three weeks on, the fallout continues from BBC Panorama’s exposure of sickening abuse of people with learning disabilities at the Winterbourne View private hospital near Bristol. Already it –is clear that the programme will come to be seen as a key milestone on the long journey to a civilised system of careContinue reading “Private hospitals are no place for people with learning disabilities”

New governance proposals for NHS foundation trusts

The Health and Social Care Bill 2011, introduced into Parliament on 19 January 2011, is a crucial part of the Government’s vision to modernise the NHS making it patient-centric, led by health professionals and focused on delivering world-class healthcare outcomes. The Bill proposes fundamental changes to the way NHS foundation trusts are governed and managedContinue reading “New governance proposals for NHS foundation trusts”