Corporate Governance Consultancy

David Doughty has been providing Board-level Corporate Governance consultancy and advice to organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors for over twenty years in a variety of roles.He is a qualified expert in Corporate Governance having both a professional qualification, Chartered Director from the Institute of Directors and an academic qualification, MA in Company Direction from Leeds Business School.He has been working in the NHS since 2000 as a consultant, supplier and non-executive director and he is very familiar with the corporate governance requirements of NHS Trusts.He has run a number of businesses, either start-ups, spin-outs, joint ventures, acquisitions or established companies and has experience of raising finance at all stages.David is a skilled facilitator and is equally at home working with large multinational boards as small family businesses – often having to tackle critical strategic issues such as Board succession planning, with tact and sensitivity.

Typically, interventions are structured and tailored to take into account the particular circumstances of an organisation and the critical issues that need to be addressed.

With many years’ experience, David is equipped with a full set of diagnostic and developmental tools which can be used to effectively tease out the underlying issues and suggest solutions and avenues for improvement.

To find out how David can help your organisation contact him by e-mail at or call 07876 653 563

Board Evaluation including Director 360

Board Strategy – Vision, Mission,
Values Workshop

Board Succession Planning and Leadership Development


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