Matt Wilson Matt Wilson

Digital Non-Executive Director

June 16, 2017, Matt was a client of David’s

David is a great course leader, as a Digital Non-Executive Director already, I wanted to refresh my knowledge while hearing first hand David’s vast knowledge about the industry, company law and best practice. There are many courses out there for NED’s, however none come with the benefit of delivery by such an experienced and knowledgeable leader, as such I would recommend this course 100%!, well worth the investment.
 Matt Sellors Matt Sellors

The Alternative Board Chelmsford / Project/Programme Delivery Manager

June 14, 2017, Matt was a client of David’s

I attended David’s “How to become a Non-Executive Director” course at the IoD in London. The course was very beneficial for 4 reasons. Firstly, David has a straight forward style that delivers the content in a digestible way, secondly, despite having been in the corporate world for too many years, it filled a lot of gaps in my knowledge regarding board director mechanics that I didn’t even know I had, thirdly, it gave very tangible techniques and approaches to actually getting your first NED role and finally, the thought exercises regarding real life NED situations and challenges was very thought provoking. Highly recommended.
 Jonathan O'Shea Jonathan O’Shea

Helping Business Leaders Make Better Decisions

May 9, 2017, David was a client of Jonathan’s

I had the great pleasure in attending David’s “Becoming a Non-Executive Director” course in Bristol recently and found it an enormously informative insight into the responsibilities and realities of becoming a Non-Executive Director. If you’re looking to get your first Non-Executive Director position and want a better understanding of the implications of such roles, I thoroughly recommend this course.
 Chris Kenber Chris Kenber

Business coach, leadership coach and career coach, Bristol, giving business leaders clarity to make better decisions.

August 8, 2016, Chris was a client of David’s

David’s ‘How to Become a Non-Executive Director’ course is truly excellent.
He provides context, knowledge and insight, with practical illumination from his own extensive personal experience. He is endlessly patient, deeply informative and always interesting to listen to.I cannot recommend this course too highly.
 Kim Jones Kim Jones

Strategic Advisor, NED, award-winning mentor, focuses on enabling teams to deliver strategic change and innovation.

December 11, 2014, Kim was a client of David’s

I recently attended David’s one day introduction “How to become a Non-Executive Director” as part of my own professional development and to gain some insights for my clients too. David’s breadth of experience, knowledge and practical guidance is inspiring. He is refreshingly frank, engaging and practical so I now have some next steps in terms of further reading, resources and action planning.

I would highly recommend David to anyone thinking about taking on a NED role..

 Sean Humby Sean Humby

Director & host – Business Network (SW) Ltd, Bristol networking events. Asia Teak Group introducer.

October 2, 2014, Sean was a client of David’s

I had the pleasure of attending a recent “How to become a Non-Executive Director” course that David ran.

As someone who not only runs their own business, has had a career and built up experience the opportunity to learn more about this was too good to miss.

David’s experience and expertise shone through as the day progressed – beginning with the roles, responsibilities, the legal aspects , the liabilities – all explained with examples of the good, the bad and the ugly of what has happened. David went through the skillset and actual case studies based on his career as an NED in all three sectors. This enabled there to be some great discussions where questions were answered. The structure of the day that David put together was second to none as I was taken through a well organised and flowing workshop – culminating in how I would secure a NED position. What was refreshing was the fact that David continually referred to his experience and not what you’d find in a text book coupled with a wealth of resources that are available. I would wholeheartedly recommend attending one of Excellencia courses that David runs and to point others that you know who may be interested in David’s direction.

 Anthony Lloyd Anthony Lloyd

01865 820 416 Fine Dining Restaurant and Hotel. Passionate about food, hospitality, sustainability and opera

July 24, 2010, David worked with Anthony in the same group

I have worked with David now for 9 months and during that time have continually been impressed with his grasp and understanding of complex issues, together with an innate understanding of the “political” implications of decisions – extremely important in this public/private sector role.

He has marshalled limited resources effectively, whilst maintaining a focus on priorities.

Clear and concise – good counsel.

 Bob Langton Bob Langton

Shadow Chairman Banbury Museum Trust

July 23, 2010, David worked with Bob in the same group

I have known and worked with David as a business colleague and Board member from the time he was appointed Chief Executive of the Oxfordshire Economic Partnership of which I am a member and director.

David has transformed the way the partnership has operated during his tenure and has, with his team, achieved a wide range of successful projects across Oxfordshire which have brought considerable benefits to a wide variety of businesses and the people they employ.

He has also proved highly successful in raising the profile of the Partnership to a whole range of local and regional networks. He is a skilful and likeable colleague in whom I hold in high regard.

 Frank Nigriello Frank Nigriello

Director of Corporate Affairs at Unipart Group Ltd

July 22, 2010, Frank managed David directly

David has made a strong contribution to the development of Oxfordshire’s economy in his role as CEO. He has engaged with a large number of business people and recruited their support in many of OEP’s action groups. He has also worked hard to bridge the gap between private and public sector and has demonstrated his ability to act as both a leader and a facilitator of groups with differing agenda.
 Ian Wenman Ian Wenman

Entrepreneur, Investor and Adviser

February 9, 2010, Ian worked with David but at different companies

David quietly and effectively goes about his position at Oxfordshire Economic Partnership, in what is a difficult role with many different people and organisations to please.
He carries a wealth of knowledge, on what is going on and is important from a business perspective, in the county.
Ric Thompson Ric Thompson

Managing Director at PCTI Solutions, Chartered Director, Chartered Engineer

August 13, 2008, Ric reported directly to David

I worked for David in one of my early software & hardware development roles. David was an excellent leader and a strong visionary especially when it came to new internet technologies. David introduced me to some of my first business development experiences where he had a keen eye for spotting new opportunities.
 Julia Clarke Julia Clarke (Lady Berkeley)

Chief Executive at Bristol Community Health CIC

May 18, 2008, Julia managed David directly

David is a first class non-executive director. He draws on a wide range of business experience and is able to deploy this effectively within the NHS at a time of significant change. His particular interests in leadership, talent management and IT are extremely valuable as is his strategic approach and sound commercial understanding. David is fun to work with and demonstrates considerable energy and commitment.
 Tony Turner Tony Turner

Projects Director at Vetasi Limited

May 15, 2008, Tony managed David directly

I have known David for many years and worked with him at WST. He is extremely intelligent and hardworking and behaved in a professional manner. We had excellent feedback from the customers that he interfaced with and I would have no hesitation in recommending David for any suitable position.
 Victoria Spooner Victoria Spooner

Head of Energy Supplier Marketing

May 15, 2008, David was senior to Victoria but didn’t manage directly

I have worked with David for three years. He is very knowledgeable and able to present complex information to all levels. He has always proved to be supportive and a key member of the team, with valuable skills in both a technical and sales capacity.
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