Where are all the well-paid, private sector, NED jobs?

One of our NEDworks subscribers recently sent us an e-mail asking where all the well-paid, private sector NED roles are? There were just three December private sector vacancies .. Is that all the vacancies from across the whole country? Am I missing something here? If it is, what are you doing to improve this position as itContinue reading “Where are all the well-paid, private sector, NED jobs?”

Are you thinking about becoming a Non-Executive Director?

  The How to become a Non-Executive Director course helps you to plan and prepare for your first NED position. It instils a real sense of what is expected of NEDs, and how you can meet the challenge. This one-day interactive course is aimed at aspiring NEDs and covers essential knowledge about roles, responsibilities, strategy and corporate governance thatContinue reading “Are you thinking about becoming a Non-Executive Director?”