Where are all the well-paid, private sector, NED jobs?

One of our NEDworks subscribers recently sent us an e-mail asking where all the well-paid, private sector NED roles are? There were just three December private sector vacancies .. Is that all the vacancies from across the whole country? Am I missing something here?  If it is, what are you doing to improve this position as it isContinue reading “Where are all the well-paid, private sector, NED jobs?”

How to become a Non-Executive Director – Birmingham 26 June 2018

The How to become a Non-Executive Director course helps you to plan and prepare for your first NED position. It instils a real sense of what is expected of NEDs, and how you can meet the challenge.

This one-day interactive course is aimed at aspiring NEDs and covers essential knowledge about roles, responsibilities, strategy and corporate governance that are key foundations for a Non-Executive board role. It also considers up to date thinking on corporate governance and the responsibilities of owners, the board and employees.

This is followed by practical sessions on identifying NED opportunities, the process of obtaining a first appointment and performing due diligence before any position is accepted. There is emphasis on the importance of presenting your experiences with clarity and relevance.

This course identifies the various ways and circumstances in which non-executive directors can make an effective contribution to a board’s work. It also examines methods for their selection and reviews their motivation, induction and reward.

How to become a Non-Executive Director – London 23 May 2017

Find out how you can obtain a Non-Executive Director position by booking a place on this interactive 1-day course. “A well structured and presented introduction to the responsibilities, challenges and attributes required of being a NED. It was thought-provoking. I have referred back to my copious comments in the comprehensive slide hand outs many timesContinue reading “How to become a Non-Executive Director – London 23 May 2017”

I’m an experienced NED but I’m not getting any new roles – what can I do?

This is a question I get asked quite a lot – getting a foot on the Non-Executive Director ladder is difficult enough but it does not seem to get any easier once you have secured your first NED roles. So how do you build on your NED, Governor or Trustee experience to create a PortfolioContinue reading “I’m an experienced NED but I’m not getting any new roles – what can I do?”

So You Want to Be a Non-Executive Director?

Are you thinking about becoming a non-executive director? Do you have the skills to join the board as an independent non-executive director? Do you know what the role entails? The following frequently asked questions (and answers) should give you the information to help you understand more about what it takes to become a non-executive director.Continue reading “So You Want to Be a Non-Executive Director?”

What should NEDs do when the CEO leaves the board?

With the average tenure of a FTSE100 CEO at 5 years and two months it is highly likely that most boards will have to face the transition of the top executive position at one time or another. Regardless of the reason for the CEO’s departure, it can be an unsettling time for the organisation andContinue reading “What should NEDs do when the CEO leaves the board?”

Practical advice for NEDs when appointing a ‘leapfrog’ CEO

In their article, Leapfrog Succession: A New Trend in Appointing CEOs by Roselinde Torres, Gerry Hansell, Kaye Foster and David Baron, the authors identified an emerging trend whereby an increasing number of CEOs are ‘leapfrog leaders’ meaning that they have been fast-tracked past the more senior executives in the organisation. The reasons for making theseContinue reading “Practical advice for NEDs when appointing a ‘leapfrog’ CEO”

IoD Buckinghamshire, Directors Briefing, Have you got what it takes to be a Non-Executive Director?

IoD Bucks & Milton Keynes Directors Briefing with David Doughty at Hartwell – “Have you got what it takes to be a Non-Executive Director?” Location: Hartwell House Date: 25 February 2016 Time: 07:30 – 09:30 Email Event Bookings Price shown exclude VAT unless otherwise stated. Member price: £25.00 +VAT Non-member price: £30.00 +VAT Book tickets If you’ve ever wanted to findContinue reading “IoD Buckinghamshire, Directors Briefing, Have you got what it takes to be a Non-Executive Director?”

Non-Executive Directors – ‘Guinea Pigs’ or highly trained professionals?

In terms of Non-Executive directors, we still seem to have a number of “Guinea pigs” – the titled, current or former politicians and the well-connected who occupy a string of boards without seemingly having the qualifications to do so.