Goldman Sachs, Greek Debt and Greed

Goldman Sachs’ advice to Greece to enter into an exchange rate swap deal in 2001 proved not only to be costly at the time but had almost doubled the original debt by 2005

Fund managers attack bankers’ pay

Leading fund managers, including L&G and Jupiter, have stepped up their attack against huge pay rises at the UK’s biggest banks. In recent weeks, several of the UK’s biggest investment groups have met bank boards to urge them to restrain pay and restructure the way they reward staff, especially within their investment banking arms. Barclays,Continue reading “Fund managers attack bankers’ pay”

What can be done about unjustifiably high executive pay?

Executives at the largest UK companies have seen their salaries rising at a rate that is hard to justify when compared with their company’s performance. When large numbers of employees and smaller company executives are facing pay freezes or cuts it is particularly galling to see senior executives in some sectors seemingly rewarded for their incompetence. This is most markedly apparentContinue reading “What can be done about unjustifiably high executive pay?”

Ed Milliband calls for “more responsible capitalism”

Last week Ed Milliband, speaking to a business audience, called for an overhaul of corporate governance in UK boardrooms to produce “more responsible capitalism”. He suggested that  shareholders’ voting rights should vary depending on how long the shares had been held and also questioned whether companies’ long-term strategy was undermined by having to produce quarterly reports. HeContinue reading “Ed Milliband calls for “more responsible capitalism””


Family businesses in the United Kingdom are less likely to fail than their non-family counterparts, according to new research. Entitled UK family businesses: industrial and geographical context, governance and performance, the report found that family firms – be it small, medium or large – have lower rates of insolvency than non-family owned businesses. The survey, whichContinue reading “FAMILY BUSINESSES MORE RESILIENT THAN NON-FAMILY FIRMS”

FRC announces changes to strengthen boardroom diversity from October 2012

Last month, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) announced that it will make two changes to the UK Corporate Governance Code in order to strengthen diversity in the boardroom. The revised UK Corporate Governance Code, which came into effect in June 2010, included a new Principle B.2 which stated that “the search for board candidates shouldContinue reading “FRC announces changes to strengthen boardroom diversity from October 2012”

10 million interested in joining the board of a charity, but confusion remains about the role of a trustee

NOVEMBER 7, 2011 POSTED IN: HR STRATEGY & PRACTICE 21% of British adults (10 million[1]) would like to sit on the board of a charity Confusion about trusteeship remains: 51% of people don’t know what a charity trustee is Young person’s game: 18-34’s are more interested in joining the board of a charity (28%) thanContinue reading “10 million interested in joining the board of a charity, but confusion remains about the role of a trustee”