What can be done about unjustifiably high executive pay?

Executives at the largest UK companies have seen their salaries rising at a rate that is hard to justify when compared with their company’s performance. When large numbers of employees and smaller company executives are facing pay freezes or cuts it is particularly galling to see senior executives in some sectors seemingly rewarded for their incompetence. This is most markedly apparentContinue reading “What can be done about unjustifiably high executive pay?”

Ed Milliband calls for “more responsible capitalism”

Last week Ed Milliband, speaking to a business audience, called for an overhaul of corporate governance in UK boardrooms to produce “more responsible capitalism”. He suggested that  shareholders’ voting rights should vary depending on how long the shares had been held and also questioned whether companies’ long-term strategy was undermined by having to produce quarterly reports. HeContinue reading “Ed Milliband calls for “more responsible capitalism””